Friday, December 14, 2007

It might get sent back

Somebody in the Seasons group on ravelry recommended I email Sundara about the Silk Lace yarn because of the knots in it that I was complaining about; I hadn't thought of that, and figured I would have to live with it. I emailed her this afternoon to ask if she wanted to replace it. I love her yarns and just bought some more sock yarns because the colors were so beautiful, but this has been less than perfect.

I may have made a mistake on the lace shawl last night; at some point, I couldn't figure out why, it started to go weirdly. (I wonder if there are errata for the pattern somewhere.) So I unraveled a few rows, but couldn't get reoriented within the pattern, so I took out about another inch of work, but have yet to get the stitches all back onto the needles because it's so painstaking and close-up work. Arrrrgggghhhh. It was VERY frustrating. I threw it across the room once, which didn't hurt but didn't help either. I was close to giving up anyway. Now that it might get sent back to Sundara because of the knots anyway, I think I'm just going to frog that crap.

I'm also working on a Spherey in between, so I can just go finish that instead.

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