Friday, October 19, 2007

Zoidberg is close! Rhineberg is tomorrow!

Here you see me modeling the mask; the knitting part is complete and I just have to add the eyes. I got some big sunglasses at Target and tonight I popped out the lenses and painted them white, with a big (unpainted) black dot in the middle to see out of. UNFORTUNATELY I was so excited to paint them that I didn't pay attention to what kind of paint it was until I had already begun painting - using oil paint. Which means it will take days to dry. Especially since it's humid here right now. Argh. Dumb mistake. I was going to say "rookie" mistake, but even a rookie would get that right, because they would be more careful than somebody who is arrogant because she has tons of art supplies lying around from years and years of various projects. GRRRRRR.

I also got, and you can see in the photo, the teal colored turtleneck shirt that is part of the costume. I also ordered a pair of scrubs pants, and a white doctor's coat with the name embroidered on it, which I hope will arrive VERY soon as the party we are going to that all this is for, is Friday.

Tomorrow I am going up to Rhinebeck! I am very excited. I've never been to a fiber festival before and it should be a lot of fun. I expect to spend lots of money and come home with tons of stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if I came home with a spinning wheel. Okay, maybe not. But I do hope to find lots of cool things and maybe even meet some people and EVEN see some people I know! I wouldn't be surprised to see one or two people I have met before. I wonder if Joelle from Purl will be there? I know Debbie won't be there because I asked her and she said she had a wedding to go to. But I do know a few other knitters in the world. Monica from Stix-n-Stitches will be there I think. And Adam might even come up with me...

I still have to do the two small tweaks to Adam's Zapp Brannigan costume. Maybe I'll get out the sewing machine tonight, do that, and finish the two UFOs that need to be sewed before they can be really done. I have to see after I finish eating my dinner. Adam's in the city with people from work for a birthday thing; he said he "had to make an appearance" before he could come home. Luckily for me he has on his suit, which means he has on his dress shoes, which means his feet hurt, which will spur him to come home at a decent hour. :)

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cdr said...

how cute are you!? I have no idea what a zoidberg or a rhineberg are but your unbridled enthusiasm is contagious.
jack has decided to be a police officer/rocket-boy/batman/cowboy for halloween. So, we start with a plain gray hanes sweatsuit. pin on a sassy little bat to his chest, put on a whistle and cowboy boots and throw on a homemade jet-pack and milkjug-er-helmet and we're all set! amanda is set on being the same three-legged alien she was last year but we've added a darling little witches hat we found at target that we just had to have.
still not sure what I'll be but it will have to involve a black wig since I am obsessed with having a cute little Velma Kelly-do and have already purchased said wig...