Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We Are Not Amused.

I came home tonight and as I came in the front door I smelled cat pee. At first I tried to tell myself I was imagining it, but as I came and went through the front room I kept smelling it more and more strongly. Finally I began looking for it, and I discovered the smell was emanating from behind the new TV!!! The little jerks! As soon as we got the TV I saw Lily nosing around behind there, and Dusty too, and I yelled at them at first not to go back there, but Adam was like, hey, let them explore. The upshot of their "exploring" was, like, a whole CUP of pee back there, seeping into the wood floor and basically permeating the whole corner. I had to clean it up, of course, since I'm here and Adam is out of town, which was THAT fun, I can tell you. I used pine sol, which I hope was a good choice, it's for wood floors. Then I googled "smells cats hate" and the concensus was "citrus" so I sprinkled citrus smell absorber around there and some powdered lemon juice product for good measure.

And another thing: Why does it always seem like when something from the cats that needs to be cleaned up appears, Adam is nowhere to be found? In the past 2 weeks I've picked up four piles of poo outside the new litter box, which at least one of them does not seem to grok how to use for poo; two big piles of vomited dry food (Dusty basically is bulimic, and eats until he throws up); and now this. It's a good thing I love these cats, AND my man, because boy, this is trying my patience here.

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Calling on Kahlo said...

Maybe they are reacting because he isn't around? When my in-laws came to visit and stay in the guest room, one of my cats protested and peed outside the box. The clean box.

Hope all is well!