Saturday, January 5, 2008

Yarn dyeing party of one, your table is ready

I decided that the yarn I spun was really only good for something that I would knit and then felt, in which case it needed to be a darker color than cream, which would get dirty easily. So I had to dye it, which I did last night. On my way home I stopped at Costco and bought some blackberries which determined my choice of colors.

I am using Jacquard acid dyes, and the info sheet that I got off the Dharma website gave the recipe of 1 tsp dye and 3 tbsp vinegar for every 100 g of yarn. I weighed the yarn, and determined its weight to be 350 g. I used 1/2 tsp Jet Black (639), 1/2 tsp Brilliant Blue (623), and 2 1/2 tsp Cherry Red (617) dye to get this purple color.

Instead of mixing the dye carefully with water before putting it into the boil I just put the powder straight in. The black (which was first) mixed in instantly, but the blue and the red kind of floated on the surface and I had to stir to get them mixed in, which I think is how the resultant dye gradations occurred. The yarn appears mostly dark purple with some areas almost black. I like how it came out. I think it'll probably pool colors in whatever I knit (Adam's lobbying for an afghan) but I'm okay with that. Here's a picture of the skeins, almost dry:

They are hanging over the utility sinks in the basement.

I cooked them on the stove upstairs, but I'm not comfortable doing that again so I'm going to get a hot plate to use in the basement. I used a dedicated stainless steel pot (not used for food or anything else except dyeing) but I still felt it was too close to where food is prepared to be a good idea going forward.

Here's a closeup of the colors.

I counted 101 rounds at 66" around and that comes out to 6,666", or 555.5 yards.

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