Monday, December 17, 2007

Oh my aching back!

I have had some back pain that has been steadily increasing over the past two months or so. It's not the kind of back pain I've had in the past; once I actually threw out my back (which made me feel old, yes) and I've had knots in my shoulders forever from bad posture while working. This is in my lower left back but actually on the side and it feels like I need to stretch the area but even when I stretch it doesn't help. I have gone twice recently for massages at my place in Chinatown and they were great massages, done by a chiropractor who also did adjustments to my neck and back while he was working on me, but it hasn't helped. It actually hurts to get out of bed or get up from the sofa, and in the morning when I bend over to put on my underwear after a shower it particularly hurts when I lift my left leg. (Sorry if that's TMI. I do occasionally shower. At least I'm clean, and it's clean underwear.)

"Sciatica" has been the suggestion from several people but it's not in the right place. Sciatica is closer to the center of the back - this is actually on the side - and goes down around the bottom down your leg, none of which is happening now. I went to the doctor today and she asked a bunch of questions, tapped on my knees with the little rubber mallet, moved my neck and my legs around, and took a urine sample. It could be something to do with my kidney, although frankly I doubt it because there's nothing interesting in my pee. She said most likely it's a pinched nerve.

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