Monday, December 3, 2007

Fits like a glove

My boyfriend has a birth defect, and his left hand was malformed. He underwent a lot of surgeries as a child and surgeons built up his fingers some more, but not to the point where his hand is the same size and formation as his other hand. He's fine with it, as far as I have ever been able to tell, but has always wanted gloves, since standard ones never fit his hand. So for Christmas, one of his presents from me is a pair of knitted gloves. Over the weekend I spent several hours knitting and unraveling and reknitting the individual finger pieces, then put them together, and by last night I had made him a close-to-perfectly fitted glove. I kept careful notes, and he pointed out a couple modifications that I included, and I will write up the pattern for myself so I can make more of them in the future. It came out great, because it fits him ... like a glove. I'm now making the right hand glove, which is the normal shape & size, so it doesn't require many notes (although I worked initially from a woman's glove pattern so I did have to change the number of cast-on stitches).

We took a cast of his hand so I'd have something to work from when he wasn't around, although ultimately it was easier to ask him to try on the various pieces as I worked on them. Here's a picture of the cast:

and then a picture of the glove:

I'm very proud of this as it is almost like sculpture. It's very very satisfying, working and ripping out and reworking a piece until it has the desired shape. I guess it's not surprising, since I was a sculptor in college and I have an art degree. So I'm licensed to ill.

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