Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to knitting, at least a little

I really really did not want anything to do with knitting for the past few months. Since April, when I closed my Etsy shop. But I have been doing other crafts; I did a whole needlepoint (pictures to follow) and have been working steadily on my English paper piecing project (ditto).

Finally last Thursday I was willing to get near knitting enough to go to the Sit and Knit at Stix-n-Stitches in Montclair; it was really nice to see people. I didn't buy anything, nor do anything other than kibbitz with a couple friends who were there, but at least I got the proverbial toe in the water.

With the needlepoint done I finally started to feel like it was time to pull out the pieces of the purple sweater I had been working on in the spring. I read the instructions for finishing (sewing seams and working the collar and button band) She insists on blocking pieces before sewing together. I usually skip that, but this time I decided to go ahead with it. I got out the blocking board that my mom gave me a couple Christmases ago and laid out the front and back. When they were done, tonight, I laid out the sleeves. Here are pics.

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