Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Progress, not perfection :)

There was a discussion of goals on Ravelry in January where I posted some stuff along with everybody else and promptly forgot about it. Then today I suddenly remembered that discussion thread and I wanted to know exactly what I'd set out as my goals so I went back to dig it up:

I want to finish my red and cream colored tea-leaves-cardigan, which is stalled (again) on the sleeve, because with the number of sts it says to pick up, the sleeve is much tighter than the rest of the sweater. I want to create three designs and publish them for free on Ravelry. I want to enter one design for consideration at Twist Collective (fear of rejection really holds me back). And I want to spin the pound+ of fiber my mom gave me to knit into a sweater, and then overdye it so it’s not the color of a band-aid. :) And finally, I would like to keep up with the spinning part of the STF [Spirit Trail Fiberworks] combination fiber & yarn club!

So, I hate the red and cream colored tea-leaves-cardigan, and I haven't finished it for the same reason as above even though I tried redoing the sleeve st pick-up. The second time I picked up too many stitches. Ugh, it is so frustrating. I've more or less decided to frog it but I just haven't done so yet.

I have created one design and put it up on Ravelry - the cowl. I've got plenty of time left in the year so I will probably complete that one.

I have an idea for Twist, but haven't worked on it yet.

I have done NO spinning on the fiber from my mom in months, but I hope being reminded by this post will help me get myself going on that again.

I have spun and plied the first installment of the STF club, a lovely sea blue with green notes. I just got another shipment from her - prolific woman! It's a skein of Orihime (fingering weight, my favorite) in a stunning crimson colorway. Not a flat solid, but just the slightest variations across the skein.

The effect is the platonic ideal of red.

And on the project that I really wanted to work on, which I wanted so much that I was afraid to mention it in the post on Ravelry, I've done a LOT of work! Yes, I am talking about Baba's Fiber Dyeing Workshop. I have been really good and consistent about posting once a week, or about that, and I've been putting out interview Q's to people and publishing new ones. I need to reach out to some people, as I have no more pipeline at the moment. That part - the "cold calling," in essence - is definitely the hardest part. I've been very lucky that so far nobody has said no. Sooner or later somebody will, I know. But so far, so good.

And I've been doing a lot more dyeing, been a lot more regular at it. When I read over an interview I suddenly find myself super motivated to get into the studio!

I've been irregular about updating my Etsy shop. It's really hard to be consistent with it.

So that's my status at the moment. Not all A's; a couple C's, even a couple F's. And I'm okay with that. "Seriously," I say to the voice of my dad that is haranguing me in the back of my head - "back off!"

Perfect is the enemy of good enough!

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