Thursday, January 28, 2010

The orange sweater is underway

I don't think it's going to be exactly like the sweater of my memories. It will be better fitting, because I am a grown-up and I can't hide in oversized men's sweaters anymore. It is variegated in color, rather than one single orange hue, because I fell in love with an orange colorway of Nate's Sock Yarn from Briar Rose Fibers and bought all of it that she had. It might be a little scratchy (in this, I think it will be like the sweater from college days), because there is a little VM in the yarn from time to time, and although I have been trying to pick it out before it gets knitted into the sweater, I have occasionally been working in the dark (while we are commuting home) so I have certainly missed some of it. But that stuff will come out in the wearing, if not the wash.

I considered cables and various Aran embellishments (even though the original was just a simple, boxy, man's stockinette sweater), and I even swatched some, but I was underwhelmed by how those felt once worked using the yarn, so I decided not to use them. I used the Sweater Wizard software to plot out the basic numbers for me, and now I am about 2/5 into the back piece. I am adding a bust dart because I gotta da big boobs. Time to admit it.

Whenever I knit sweaters, I like to do the back, then the sleeves, and then the front. It's a delayed gratification thing; I like that when I am finally working on the front, I am close to being done, and I know when I finish the front, I will be able to put it all together.

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