Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Fiber Photo 365 did me in.

I ought to have known that that was biting off too big a bite to chew. There are very few things I can do EVERY single day, and posting to my blog clearly isn't one of them. I am involved with some fiber art every day, or almost every day, whether it's spinning or knitting or just pawing fiber, but documenting it is not my strong suit. Not even close. So that was an experiment, let's call it, that gave back some information. No blame, just, let's move on.

This weekend I don't know what happened but I decided to finish a bunch of things. I actually finished the Juno Regina Stole, which has been in my not-progressing-very-fast-at-all pile since I started it in Dec '07. That's an extremely long project life for me. Things usually get done a lot faster than that, although I do have the occasional black hole. Here's a pic of it being blocked on my office floor right now:

I did the entire bottom part, from where the diamonds start back up, between Thursday night and last night. It was a lightning-fast completion, considering how slow the rest of the damn thing was.

I also finished a pair of socks I started about four months ago for my sponsor, Nora; I knitted them in about 2 weeks, maybe less, and then they sat uncompleted on a side table. I knitted an edge that I wasn't crazy about, but today I took it out and sewed it down so it's a really sweet picot edge that it always wanted to be.

I made a hat for the new baby of some friends of ours out of some leftover cashmere - I finished knitting it on the bus on Friday, and tucked in all the ends today:

I hope it fits her; that teddy bear has a pretty big head, and it's a lot stretchier than the photo shows. It's blue, which usually people reserve for boys, but it has a big bow on it, so what the heck. It's cashmere, and it's incredibly soft, and I hope they like it and put it on her once or twice.

And finally, I decided once and for all to give up on the Rowan Botticelli sweater, which was so draining once I realized the pattern was printed with the flower charts upside down. I lost all my interest in the project. Last night I ripped out all of it and threw out the bits and bobs of yarn that can't be salvaged because the pieces are too short, and am putting the rest away to be used in something else in the future.

All of this is to make room for a new project, a sweater in Interweave Knits that I quite like, the Alpaka Tunic by Deborah Newton. I got the yarn for a song at, and it's really nice yarn despite it's low price. I'm very excited to begin!

BUT WAIT ... Errata from Interweave:

Alpaka Tunic (page 110)

The yardage for the Schoppel Wolle Baby Alpaka Naturbelassen yarn was listed incorrectly. The correct yardage is: 219 yd [200 m]/100 g.

I knew 880 yards was mighty short for an entire tunic! Even one that is short-sleeved. Fie on them! Now I have to order the same amount again. I hope I can get the same dye lot! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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