Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring cleaning & cooking

First, here's the lovely spaghetti sauce Adam made today:

I suspect I took a picture of the last batch we made. Who cares, I love taking pictures of the food MFA makes me. And yes, it tastes fantastic. This is a double batch, plus he made an extra batch of meatballs (tripled the recipe, in all) that I've put away in the freezer for next time.

Meanwhile, I made myself useful and partially cleaned up the garage and the mudroom and my office. It's still a pig sty back here (office) but it's getting better. At least I took out the bags of recycling (paper) and the box the printer came in.

When it gets cooler I will go out and do some more gardening, but 95 deg is too damn hot to be digging in the dirt. In the meantime, check out my apple & lilac, which are beginning to blossom:


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