Friday, November 9, 2007

We have your laundry.

We also have our next door neighbors' laundry, and that of my coworkers as well. At least, I hope we do, because otherwise there's no explanation for why we have so many loads of it in my basement. Also, the dryer can't keep up with the washer. The washer churns out its work and the dryer is all, I have a little bit more I'd like to do on this load, and there's an actual line of loads to get in to the dryer and I think a bouncer just came on his shift as well. Loads are leaning over the velvet rope and claiming they are on the list, but they have to wait in line like all the other loads that want to get into this drying and folding dance party.

For the second time, the cats - wait, why do I "pussyfoot" around it? it's not both cats, it's Lily doing all the badness - pissed in our bed yesterday. I discovered it last night as we were about to get in bed, so we had to pull the sheets off the bed and make it with the other set, before we could go to sleep. Here is the reason: We got the litter robot and she hates it, refuses to use it, and has been acting out first behind the TV as posted here a couple weeks ago, and now in the damned bed. Dude, I was VIVID!*

I got the last skein (I better not need any more) of the Chokecherry Kokopelli yarn and now I can finish my Williamsro sweater. I made a mistake in my conversions from Noro Cash Iroha to Kokopelli; probably Cash Iroha compresses more when held double than Kokopelli. I'm not a huge yarn expert, I don't like to worry my pretty little head about it. So sometimes I guess wrong and this is one of those times. I overestimated by one skein how much Manos to buy, and underestimated by one on the Kokopelli. Anyway, it arrived today and now I'm trying to finish it up. I also did a "mod," as the kids like to call them, or modification, to the pattern on the edge of the body bottom edging and on the edge of the collar, because I didn't feel like a single column of seed stitch along the edge lined up well with two rows of garter along the plackets. So I made it two columns of seed stitch (i.e., two consecutive seed stitches) before the stockinette started on either side. I decided to do this while in progress on the bottom edging (after I'd already finished the collar and bound it off so I still have to go back and change it).

I was under the weather today so I stayed home from work. I got out my DVDs of "Sports Night," which I own but haven't seen all of, and started watching some more of them. I adore that show. The writing on it sparkles and dances and the actors have a fantastic rapport with one another. Plus, I care about them all. But sometimes it is a little hard to take, because it's not superficial, and so I watch a bunch of episodes in a row and then I put the DVDs back on the shelf and wait a long time before watching more. In a way, this is good, because there were only 3 seasons, and I'm more than halfway through season 2, and there's a limit to the goodness, so I don't mind rationing them out.

* As my brother's frat brothers would have said. There's a story behind that, but for now, suffice it to say I actually know the correct word.

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