Thursday, September 27, 2007

D&D Night

Adam's got his D&D pals over tonight and they have taken over the dining room with their geekery. I love having them over, I admit. They make a lot of noise and laugh and argue and I do my thing in the other room - mostly I am in my office on the computer, but I also hang out upstairs doing stuff as well. It's just nice to have the extra company, but they don't expect any interaction from me.

Overheard just now: "You put the ring on, it's ringy..."

Come on, who can resist this shit? It's awesome.

On another, more interesting, knitty note, I finally got some Sundara yarn. I'm SO EXCITED. Look!

Blackberry over Aubergine; Sage over Pumpkin; Bartlett Pear.

I've long adored her colors - she is a phenomenal colorist - but I wasn't expecting the yarn to be so soft! I don't know what I'm going to use them for, yet. Maybe some half-mittens and a small neck scarf. Or some toys.

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