Monday, April 26, 2010

First sample project done and shipped off

I was pretty pleased to get both socks done in time to send them to Jennifer. She is going to MD S&W and asked people to get her things before she leaves for it, if possible, and I saw that as an opportunity to set myself a deadline. I worked all weekend on the second sock because I knew I was going to send whatever I had done out this morning, and as of last night everything except Kitchenering the toe was done. I'm not one who minds Kitchenering; it's very methodical, and you just do one stitch at a time; it gets done, and then it looks really cool.

I am in the Apple iPhone developer program so I have access to the beta v.4 iPhone OS, so I thought I'd be super cool and load it onto my iPhone. I have since been having an annoying message whenever I connect it to my Mac - it says 'iTunes could not back up the iPhone "BD's iPhone" because the iPhone refused the request.' As soon as I click OK on that message, it in fact does sync, so the message is just an annoyance. However, I was, um, annoyed by it happening each time, so I googled it and found that the newest beta of the new OS makes this go away. So I downloaded the new version, which took fer-fricken-ever, and then tried to install it on my iPhone, and all hell broke loose. By which I mean, the iPhone got into some half-installed state that the updater could not get it out of. I tried going back to the current OS, but then I got an error that iPhone can't be downgraded to an earlier OS. Finally, after trying that, I tried re-updating to the newest beta v.4, and it worked. But in the process I lost a bunch of photos, which is the whole point of this story. Always back your stuff up before you try to do anything advanced. And yet: I never do.

Fortunately I blogged a couple photos of these socks before I sent them off!

I have returned to work on the manly ginger sock, which despite its name is being made in a size to fit yours truly. Because I truly love the yarn and wish for it to be on my own feet. I will also size up the pattern so it can be made for a man.

I just burned my finger on the toaster oven. It might even blister! I hope this does not come between me and my knitting over the next couple of weeks!

We are going to Barcelona in two days ... we delayed our honeymoon from last November to a more travel-friendly season. We're both super excited. So far I haven't packed much. I'm mostly trying to figure out which knitting (and, possibly, crochet) projects I'm going to bring. I just bought Sensual Crochet: Luxurious Yarns, Alluring Designs and several of the projects in it look like things I could do. I'm not a very experienced crocheter, but I'm very confident.

I'm going to bring the sample knitting shawl, but I think I'd like to give myself some choices while I'm traveling. I think the airplane might be a great time to work on the shawl - it will require concentration - but maybe I will want to work on a crochet thing in the hotel. I don't know. I'm also bringing my tiny travel watercolor set. I almost never break it out but when I do I am always glad. Here's one I did in Oppede, in the south of France, in 2005:

Perhaps there will be an afternoon when I will sit in a plaza somewhere and do one or two of my surroundings. If so, I'll scan them in when I get home and post.

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Dusty Dudley said...

Very cool - hope you have a great time. And hopefully, the iPhone thing will get better :-)