Monday, January 11, 2010

Newest gloves for Adam

Adam and I thought of these cool gloves and were very excited about trying to market them worldwide and make "a million dollars" until we found they have (a) already been patented and (b) already been marketed by the dude who started Cool Hunting. So, the visions of riches blew away like the fog. However, Adam retains his very cool, very personally customized set of Pro Tips (the name we coined):

What you can't see here, the interesting part (so, sorry 'bout the incomplete info right now, I'll take more pics later), is that the tips of the index finger and thumb can be tipped off backward so you can use your naked fingertips for things like interacting with your phone or with your wallet.

What you CAN see here is that the left glove is once again customized to Adam's hand, with its unique configuration.

I'll post the pattern here for free in a couple days, for anybody who would like to make these themselves.

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