Sunday, October 5, 2008

Adam's mom's memorial service

This weekend we had the memorial service for Adam's mother, Jane Gugliciello. Adam's aunt Cathy brought a lot of pictures to share with everybody, and I scanned them in for people to download if they like, and put them up in my Flickr photostream, here.

Adam's and my friends from the city came out for the funeral - thanks so much to Pete and Jenny, Audrey C., Tom and Renee, and Kelly and Holly. It touched me so much to see them all coming in to the church, that they showed up to show him support. Spencer and Anna sent flowers, because they had stuff going on this weekend they couldn't get away from to be there in person. Adam's got so much love surrounding him and it made me happy and also brought more than one tear to my eye. They are wonderful friends and we're lucky to know them.

My family (my parents and sibs and sibs-in-law) also sent flowers, which I thought was really sweet; Adam's sister Tammy told me it made her feel very supported.

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