Friday, July 4, 2008

Oooh, the Loopy Ewe...

... is now selling roving, I just discovered. I don't know when but they started selling roving by Lorna's Laces and a bunch of other hand-dyers. Check it out. I actually have a lot of fiber queued up to spin right now, because I ran out and bought a whole bunch all at one time, so I am not going to get anything from them for the moment. But I am very excited. I like the Loopy Ewe, for their clean yet very easy navigation; they have a cool feature where if you mouseover the photos you see a little spyglass, which when you click pops up a larger photo. So you stay on the main list of whatever line you are looking at but can see more detail. Anytime I don't have to navigate away from the main list I like it. I've bought sock yarn from them in the past (Claudia's hand dyed, which I especially like) and they were very good to deal with.

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