Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My New Mac!!!

I got my new MacBook!!! It was waiting for me when I arrived home, having been delivered during the day. I took it out of the box and turned it on and that was pretty much that. The hardest part was connecting to our network, trying to decipher Adam's handwriting to read the WEP passwords.

Adam foolishly bet me $100 that I could not set up the network with it sufficient to be able to see other machines on the network, within a week. Within the hour I was able to see my other box and access files in shared directories on that machine. I have to go turn on his machine and make sure I can see it from the Mac, but I feel pretty sure that I have won the bet. I knew they had made it pretty damned easy. It's not like setting up Samba or AppleTalk anymore - it's pretty much a cakewalk.

I decided to go back to a Mac after a couple years of wanting to, after Spencer at Mvsn had one and other programmers were swearing by working on them, and what finally convinced me to do it was using one myself at my job for the past few months, and dealing with switching back and forth between the Apple keyboard and the PC one. It's kind of a PITA remembering which system you are on and whether to use the "flower" (command) key or the control key. For me it's always the broken shoelace that finally makes the decision for me. What a seemingly small detail to base the choice on. But Macs are really quite awesome to use.

I need a new mouse - I actually do not have an extra USB mouse. How is that possible? I only have one old serial port one. I did buy the beautiful aluminum keyboard because it's so pretty and I'm not crazy about typing on a laptop keyboard - too squashed-in.

It's been so long since I posted in here - I've been working hard and not taking the time to post - that I figured this was as good an occasion as any for resuming the practice. Hurrah!

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