Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What I've been doing

I have a bit more free time now that I'm not working. :)

I have dyed a bunch of rovings.

I have been spinning a lot of yarn. One is the deep pink which I may get to do on spec for a customer of the Etsy site. I spun her two samples (one 2-ply, one 3-ply) and sent them to her and am waiting for her to get them and see what she thinks about them.

I also spun up some thick-and-thin yarn, in a bright yellowy green, and some plied with a hot pink singles, sort of an Easter special:

I've read many times that you'll never be able to duplicate the consistency of your first yarn that you spin, so I decided to try. I feel like I can spin crappy quite easily if I try. It's much harder to spin laceweight! I have a lot more practicing to do before I will be very very good. In the meantime I can take a break now and then and spin some varied-weight yarn.

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