Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The back yard

Is being worked on, my being out of work at the moment notwithstanding. Last year we almost hired a guy to do the work and then I got laid off so we decided to put it off. This year we were close to deciding on a guy to do the work and my job contract ended. So we figured we better go ahead with the work, because otherwise I'll find myself out of work every time we get close to hiring somebody to do our back yard.

They started yesterday morning and ripped out the old fence pretty much instantly. It was gnarly, all atop rotting rail road ties and whatnot. They took those out and started putting up the new fence. It's now all in and it looks lurvely! We're not sure how we are going to paint it though.

Now they have begun digging up the part of the back yard that will be the patio. For those who don't know, this has been planned to be two spirals, one each of red and yellow brick pavers, circling into a center. I drew something out last year and have been noodling around with the design ever since. I'm very excited to see it come into being - and scared that they won't get it right. I just have to trust them to do their jobs. They will certainly do it better than I could!

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