Saturday, November 10, 2007

STILL not enough Kokopelli!

I got the supposedly last skein of Chokecherry Kokopelli, wound it, and used it up and am still not done with Williamsro. It's ridiculous. I actually finished off the bottom anyway and cast off. Then I decided I wouldn't be happy with that decision, and went online and ordered more. The color seems remarkably well matched from old skeins to new, so although this is usually a risky move, it doesn't seem so much so this time. I just know that I won't be happy with the result if I make the decision that it's finished based on the fact that I ran out of yarn rather than on the fact that I like the length I knitted it to.

Adam and I are making a cast of his hand. He has a birth defect in his left hand and has never, consequently, been able to get a pair of gloves that fit. I told him I'd be glad to make him a pair of gloves, including a truly fitted left glove, and we decided that in order to allow me to keep checking the fit as I go, we would make a cast of his hand that I can use when he's not around. Also because it's just cool to have a cast of his hand anyway. So we made the mold, and then I mixed the plaster wrong because I misread the instructions, so I had to go out and get more plaster. The second time I mixed it right and poured it in the mold. Now it's hardening; it has to cure for at least 3 hours before you try to take the mold apart around it. Unfortunately it's a one-use only mold, you can't reuse it. It'd be quite cool to get a bronze cast of his hand, some day. But probably fairly expensive.

Speaking of expensive, a friend pointed me toward Jessica Joslin's sculpture and I have to share the link. She makes these obsessively precise, fetishistic imaginary animals out of antique hardware and findings, bone, fur, satin, velvet, leather, etc. I wanted to buy one but they're out of my price range right now, regrettably. But I'm so glad there is a person in the world making work like this.

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