Saturday, November 3, 2007

Dyeing experiment

I bought some dye and some yarn from Dharma Trading and am afraid to begin. I need to reskein the yarn (which is currently two big skeins of 860 & 900 yards, respectively) into smaller skeins of 215-225 yards each, first. Then I will try dyeing it. But I am scared. I don't know what I am doing - at ALL - and I printed out a sheet on how to do it from the manufacturer but it looks hard. Plus, what I want to do is multiple colors in one skein, and the instructions are for solid color dyeing. So I'm a little stymied and I want to read more about how to do it first, before I do. Also, I bought a niddy noddy to reskein, but I don't know how to skein around on it and how long one once-around is on the thing. So all these little stupid things are stymieing me. I'll start eventually, but figured writing about it would be helpful as a way to get around some of the fear.

Adam says the point of it is to make mistakes, but I hate doing that. Melissa says "Dare to suck." I say I think I should know how to do something before I even try it, and that's the sticking point for me every time.

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