Monday, October 22, 2007

Zoidberg is done!

I ended up taking the oil paint off the sunglass lenses because it wasn't drying at all. I couldn't even find turpentine at the local AC Moore (I hate that place). Fortunately soap and water is the universal solvent and will dissolve oil paint; I washed it off easily. I cut out two little circles of tape for the pupils and sprayed two light coats of spray paint and it came out MUCH better.

Adam was teasing me about taking pictures of all my projects so I took his picture too. That big rectangle there, btw, is a small corner of his giant new TV. He's so proud!

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Mike is Bored said...

This is great.... you could say craboulous. Had I the ability to knit I would have tried to do it your way. Instead I cut parts out of existing knit gloves, hat and scarf.