Thursday, October 11, 2007

Halloween prep progress report

Decorating the outside of the house: I put up a vulture looking down from its perch on the light and also draped a couple of spider webs across the bricks on either side of the door. It's subtle and therefore underwhelming. I have to do more and I feel sort of lame so far.

My Zoidberg costume: I'm up to my eyebrows - literally - with the mask, but now I am afraid I will run out of yarn before it's done. Also, Adam asked me last night how I planned to put it on, questioning whether it'll fit over my head! And it might not, so I might have to sew in a zipper...

Carved pumpkins: None so far. We did make a pumpkin pie over the weekend and it was the best I've ever tasted. Not counting my mom's pumpkin chiffon pie, which is in a class by itself. We also baked the seeds with salt, curry, and paprika, and they were

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