Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas dinner, summarized

It was a wonderful feast. We had succulent goose and duck, my stuffing, Holly's wonderful salad, Adam's AMAZING mashed potatoes (courtesy of the "Cook's" team, the best mashed potatoes I have EVER had), and Donna's delicious chocolate cheese cake. It was a spectacular meal.

Here's Adam with his birds:

This is frickin' heavy, take the picture already!

Here is some of the meat; the duck is on the left of the platter (a wedding/Christmas present to us from my sister, as is the big bowl containing the stuffing), the goose on the right:

I was surprised at how dark the meat was, especially the goose meat.

Here are most of our happy guests (Adam's sister Tracy managed to evade the camera somehow):

The chef (at right) with his beautiful platter of goose and duck:

Almost all of the duck and goose got consumed. After their fats were melted off, they were actually smallish birds. Apparently this is normal. We all had plenty to eat, but not much left over. We gave to-go containers out to any who would accept them of stuffing (and the mashed potatoes, regrettably). We still ended up with some leftover stuffing, thank goodness.

* * * * *

And today, Adam asked me to go to Whole Foods and pick up some more cheese. We needed more. While I was there, he had me get a turkey as well.

I didn't get enough time in the kitchen, let me roast a turkey on the day after.

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Unknown said...

Awesome dinner guys! Thanks again for having us over.