Thursday, August 16, 2007

Secret Felted Toy Projects I, II, and III

I wrote a pattern for some felted toys that I am submitting to Knitty, so unfortunately I have to keep them secret for the time being. I can't have pics of them on Flickr, or on Ravelry (although I cheated and listed them as Secret Felted Toy Projects I, II, and III), or even on my blog! If they get rejected by Knitty I am going to be pissed! because they are so damned cute it kills me. AND cool - they take as their inspiration an online comic strip. This evening I felted the last of the three and it is insanely cute. Once this one dries, I just have to stuff them and create eyes and other features. Then pose them and take photographs and send in my pattern! I decided, based on an earlier set of patterns for the Blythe Doll that were presented as a group all in one pattern, to submit them together as one pattern, even though I had to create each one separately from scratch.

It was very rewarding, I have to say, using knitting to create three-dimensional objects. I enjoyed it tremendously. And I think I am pretty good at it!

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